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Veterinary Science I
Veterinary Science 2-5

Agriscience Foundations

Earth Space Science
Biology I
Marine Biology Honors

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects
doggy daycare.jpgStudents in 11th and 12th grade run a Doggy Daycare business within the classroom. Students maintain accurate records and appointments for all clients. Doggy Daycare is open to all dogs owned by teachers at New Smyrna Beach High School. Students are required to issue appointment cards, handle themselves in a professional manner, and market themselves to new clients. Students learn these skills through the agriculture and marine science classes.
Curriculum In Action:
bees 2.jpgbees.jpg
Students learning techniques of splitting bee hives. Students work with Mr. Marlin Athern to learn smoking techniques in order to calm the bees during the process. Students use the hives at the high school.
Curriculum In Action:
vet vaccines.jpgVeterinary academy students access the overall health of animals housed at the farm. The picture demonstrates students administering annual vaccines to sheep. They are required to read and interpret pharmacology labels and determine accurate weights prior to working with live animals. Students are required to use math skills to convert dosage rate.
ai.jpg9th and 10th grade students currently enrolled in biology, study genetics with an emphasis in dominant and recessive genes. Students then take the knowledge from the classroom and apply it to the chapter agriculture learning facility. Students use the cattle to evaluate their phenotype and genotype. We then discuss they type of calf crop we are looking to produce for the following year. Using multiple industry resources, students develop a breeding plan and sire database with the help of industry professionals. At the conclusion of the selection, students successfully select and artificially inseminate school cattle.
pig showmanship.jpgHigh school students work hogs at the school agriculture facility to learn proper handling techniques. Students are required to pass the Pork Quality Assurance issued by the National Pork Board. The PQA tests a true understanding of animal handling, feeding, government regulations, and overall health and husbandry. Students will take turns working the animals outside of a pen. This also teaches students important handling techniques for showing for those students who pursue the show industry.
Standard 2: Career Focus
ai.jpg9-12 grade students work with the ABS (American Breeder Supply) representative to select and artificially inseminate cattle at our school Agriculture facility. Students are taught how to strategically time their AI program with the use of pharmaceuticals.
sheep show.jpgStudents compete in livestock shows and judging contests with a career focus of specific livestock industry fields and careers. Students take their livestock knowledge and apply it to their own animals for show or our livestock evaluation team. Our livestock evaluation team has been ranked as 18 in the state and will be moving on to the state contest in April, in which the top 30 teams in the state of Florida will compete.
subdistric ffa contest.jpgStudents in grades 9-12 compete in FFA Career Development Events such as prepared speaking, extemporaneous speaking, parliamentary procedure, tractor driving, and FFA Creed speaking. Our students at New Smyrna Beach High School placed 1st and 2nd in all events.
Standard 3: Program of Study
Jaime Davis, Deb Marsicano, Jenna White, and Hinton-Manson share common 7th period planning
Standard 4: Advisory Committee

Standard 5: Enrollment
See Academy Progress Monitoring Report
Standard 6: Pure Schedule
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Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration

Standard 8: Staff Development
August 3th-August 6th: Academy planning/ curriculum integration meeting.
September 24th: Academy Awards Breakfast Deland, FL
October 28th: Academy Workshop/VTO Building
March 8th: Academy Workshop/ Transportation
Standard 9: Articulation
December 10th: High School showcase at the Volusia County Fairgrounds
January 27th: Future Freshman Academy Showcase Night at New Smyrna Beach High School
January 29th: Veterinary Academy Students traveled to New Smyrna Beach Middle School for the 8th grade high school registration.
Kaley Promoting Middle School Ag.jpgSenior student mentoring middle school agriculture students. She set up multiple visits with the classroom to encourage and monitor the progress of student involvement in agriculture education.
Kaley Promoting Middle School Ag 2.jpgSenior student volunteering at Creekside Middle School to assist with officer screening and set up teams for career development events. New Smyrna Beach academy students work hard and long hours encouraging the middle school students to become knowledgeable and spark a future interest in our Veterinary Academy.
Standard 10: Workbased Learning
Jorden Vet Job.jpg11th grade student working at veterinary clinic examining fecal specimans.
vet vaccines.jpg10th and 12th grade students working with vaccinations on a field trip to the school agriculture facility.
cat presentation 1.jpgStudents attend the National Farm Bureau Conference in Orlando, FL to view the trade show, learn about potential career choices in agriculture, as well as watch national agriculture issues teams compete.
Standard 11: Capstone Project
pig ai.jpg
Artificially inseminating a gilt to raise show hogs and host a production sale. Veterinary Academy students began the process by understanding the importance of sire selection and breeding processes. They were required to select a boar from various industry leaders. Our students selected to use a boar from Shaffers Gold Rush by the name of Treasure Island. The students selected the boar base on the changes they desired and the keeping qualities of the gilt being bred. Students were able to utilize punnett squares in order to establish color patters that were possible. Students will be farrowing, processing, and prepping piglets for sale in the month of April. Students will design a sale catalog for potential buyers. Students will research sale strategies when designing for New Smyrna Beach High School. During the processing, students will administer iron shots, dock tails, and clip needle teeth within the first 3 days of birth. Piglets are castrated 7-8 days after birth. Students will undertake the entire project with all management decisions made through the class.
Standard 12: Marketing

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