Academy Director: Elizabeth Harper

Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's NameElizabeth Harper
Course(s) TaughtAgriscience Foundations
Period TaughtPeriods 1,2,6

Veterinary Assistant
Period 3

Veterinary Assistant 2 &3
Period2 4&5

Veterinary Assistant 4& 5
Period 4&5

Horticulture 2 & 3
Periods 1,2
Charlae Hinton- Manson
Earth Space Science
Period 4

Earth Space Science Honors
Period 7
Isabel McLaughlin
Biology 1
Period 4
Chelsea Zavala
Chemistry 1
Period 1

Chemistry 1 Honors
Period 1

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects
Curriculum In Action:

Curriculum In Action:
Standard 2: Career Focus

Mr. Athern, a local master bee keeper talking and demonstrating general bee keeping, care and honey production to all academy students.

Industry visit with students, food packaging plant.

Standard 3: Program of Study

Standard 4: Advisory Committee

Standard 5: Enrollment

Standard 6: Pure Schedule

Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration

Standard 8: Staff Development

Standard 9: Articulation

Standard 10: Workbased Learning
Students working at a local Alpaca farm with shearing, grinding teeth, trimming feet and injecting.
Students working at Nature's Table Organic Farm.

Standard 11: Capstone Project

Standard 12: Marketing
Theme shirt.jpg
T-shirt design branding our 2014-2015 Theme focus for our Academy.
Cuda color shirts.jpg
2014-2015 Academy shirts with NSBHS Barracuda pride sporting our school colors.

Final Evaluation: